I have been involved with design education since 2006. I have worked as a high school teacher focused on animation, digital media, publication design, website design and marketing. At the community level I have taught both theory and technology curriculum with an emphasis on the fundamentals of graphic design and software including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Dreamweaver. I have also worked as a teaching assistant in undergraduate graphic design classes.I have presented at the New England Scholastic Press Association annual conference on design trends and modern publication layouts as well as the Massachusetts Art Educator’s Association on cost efficient publishing and developing integrated graphic design programs at the High School level.My graduate thesis focused on developing best business practices for design studios in regards to sustainability and environmentally friendly publication design. This included curriculum for the high school, community and college levels to expose design students to sustainable concepts early in their professional careers. It also developed industry standards for sustainability to be implemented to the overall profession.
Green Freelance Graphic Designers: A universal standard and rating system (Download)

    Developed a scoring system of sustainable practices for freelance designers based on their supply chain, in-house practices and production, rating their effectiveness at being sustainable.

HOW Design – Creative Freelancer Blog

Design the Earth (Download)

    A booklet developed to teach young designers about the impact of graphic design on the environment. The book provides practical tips and resources on how designers can take the first step to developing a sustainable design ethic.