Howdy, my name is Jeremy Flagg and I am currently work as a graphic designer, photographer and a design educator. I am located in Metro-West Massachusetts and work with clients all across the Northeast US. I received my Bachelors from Salem State University in 2006 where I focused in Graphic Design and received my MFA in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art & Design in 2011. I have also taken an extensive array of education oriented classes at the Masters level.

My company, 241South Studios, was named by a group of my students. I began freelancing professional in 2006. I have had the luxury of working for a wide range of clients, including tattoo shops & artists, schools, travel companies, massage therapists and a variety of non-profit organizations. I thrive on collaborating with clients with diverse needs.

I’ve taught at the high school level, continuing education, and undergraduate level. I have also consulted with art departments on how to establish strong graphic design programs. I enjoy using my personal experiences as a freelance designer  and educator to teach fledgling designers how to better themselves.

I am also work with photography, digital art and mixed media.